The Secret Life of Walter Mitty – Quotes


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Todd Maher (online dating rep):  You left the “been there, done that” section blank.
Walter Mitty:  Yeah, well, I skipped that.
Todd:  Well have you been anywhere?
Walter Mitty:  Not anywhere mentionable or noteworthy.
Todd:  Have you done anything mentionable or noteworthy?

Walter Mitty:  I just live by the ABC’s.  Adventurous.  Brave. Creative.

I would like to climb your hair.

Cheryl:  Are you coming?
Walter Mitty:  Yes, I’m not.

Cheryl, on wring a mystery:  Connect the clues, and then scatter them so they seem unrelated.

You should donate that [travel journal] because you never used it.
Walter Mitty:  Donate my travel journal to a poor kid who’s never going to travel to Europe?

Cheryl:  Do you want to walk up with me?
Walter Mitty:  Starting now?

Life Magazine’s Motto:  To see the world, things dangerous to come to, to see behind walls, draw closer, to find each other, and to feel. That is the purpose of life.

Cheryl:  Greenland, the country?  Can’t take a train there.

Walter Mitty:  I have that Benjamin Buttons thing…

Walter Mitty as tiny, shriveled Benjamin Buttons talking to Cheryl in old age:  My little heart is no bigger than a quarter, but it feels like Fort Knox.

Cheryl:  Major Tom—that song is about courage and about going into the unknown.  It’s a cool song.

Walter Mitty ordering a beer from a place that serves them in huge boot glasses:  A small beer shoe?

Walter Mitty:  I’m just blown away I located your thumb.

Helicopter Pilot:  There’s like eight people in Greenland.  It’s a good place to find a thumb.

Helicopter Pilot:  Don’t cheat on your lady in Greenland…with only eight people.

Helicopter Pilot:  Yeah, I’m kind of nervous about the storm.  That’s why I get a couple of beers down.

Walter Mitty:  It’s not a porpoise!  It’s not a porpoise!

Walter Mitty:  OMG that really happened?  Sorry for palming your face.

I’ll see you on Sesame street, man.

Walter Mitty:  Todd, I can’t really talk right now.  I’m on my way to a volcano.

Cheryl:  Iceland?  Wasn’t it Greenland?  You know that they’re not the same place, right?

Walter’s mom:  You were his partner.  He [Sean O’Connell] told me that you were the person who worked the hardest to make sure his work was realized.  You finished his work.

Walter Mitty:  I’ve rented two strong little men.

Todd Maher:  Your profile really rounded out.  That volcano shark combo really got a lot of thumbs-up.

Sean O’Connell:  Beautiful things don’t ask for attention.

Sean O’Connell:  If I like a moment—I mean me, personally—I don’t like to have the distraction of the camera.  I just want to stay in it.  Right here.

Walter Mitty:  What was the picture?
Sean O’Connell:  Let’s just call it a ghost cat, Walter Mitty.

Customs:  How’d you get to Afghanistan?
Walter Mitty:  Through Yemen.
Customs:  Violent place.
Walter Mitty:  That’s why the airfare is only $81 dollars.

Todd Maher:  How’s that Cinnabon taste?… It’s like sugared heroine.

Walter Mitty’s mom:  Found it in the trash.  I always save your nick knacks.

Todd Maher regarding Walter’s look:  It’s like Indiana Jones decided to become the lead singer of the Stokes or something.

Walter Mitty:  Hey, do you know our motto?

Ted Hendricks:  Life, I’m loving it.

Walter Mitty:  That’s not it. That’s McDonald’s.

Walter Mitty:  This thing that you do, Ted, where you come into a place and push people out, you should know those people worked really hard to build this magazine. They believed in the motto. And I get it, you’ve got your marching orders and you have to do what you have to do, but you don’t have to be such a d***. Put that on a plaque and hang it at your next job.

Walter Mitty:  My sister got this role in Grease…Rizzo…not on Broadway, in a weird sort of church…

Cheryl regarding the last issue of Life:  Should we get one?

Walter Mitty:  Yeah, I was probably going to go by later and get one.  I just didn’t want to seem uncool.