The Legend of Hercules – Quotes

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King Amphitryon:  I took Argos for you.
Queen Alcmene:  For me?  You took Argos for its gold.

Queen Alcmene:  War is but a chronicle of Greece, told in the tears of young men’s mothers.

Queen Alcmene:  In my vanity, I thought I could bring tenderness to a man with a craving for power.

Hera:  Would you bear the son of Zeus?  
Queen Alcmene:  For the sake of peace, I would.

Guard: Princess, you rode out without saying a word.
Princess Hebe:  What word would have permitted me to?

Sotiris:  So tell me, who is this Hercules?
Hercules:  Don’t know yet.

Hercules:  He is useless. You will set him free.  I will fight them alone.

Sotiris:  They’re your men now.  They will stand behind you; as will I.

Villagers:  Is it true?  You are Hercules the god? 
Hercules:  No.  I am just a man.

Hera:  Your father brought wrath upon many, but Argos was a man’s doing.

Hercules:  Where was this father when eighty men perished next to me?  Where was he when my mother died?
Hera:  He was always there.  You were not ready for him.

Hera:  You have been given a gift—ignore it and it will destroy you.  Respect it and it will [strengthen] you.

How is it your survived?
Sotiris:  I was given hope.
What is your hope now?
Sotiris:  That my son’s life be spared.

King:  He bleeds; and why?  Because he’s nothing more than a man.

King:  [Lists all the hardships in the people’s lives…] Is this a message of hope?

Hercules to Zeus:  Father, I believe in you. Grant me strength.

Sotiris:  The people are ready to lay down their lives for you, Hercules.

Hercules:  What fate lies beyond [those doors], I cannot say.  I only know what fate there is in retreat.