I, Frankenstein – Quotes

Creature “Adam”:  I was cast into being in the winter of 17??. ..  A corpse stitched together with out a soul.

Creature “Adam”:  A life for a life.

Creature “Adam”:  I was immune to the cold; he was not.

Creature “Adam”:  I thought it was the end, but it was actually just the beginning.

Discussion between gargoyle’s about Creature “Adam”:  No more than a wild beast, your majesty.
–  Destroy it!
–  Naberious wants it alive.
– All the more reason to destroy it, Gideon.

Leonore:  The gargoyle order was commanded into being by Michael, the archangel.

Leonore:   People think of us as a decoration.  They have [no idea].

Creature “Adam”:  I care not for the world of men.

Leonore:  Yes, I’ve heard of you.  Shunned by your creator, alone…  I understand Frankenstein never gave you a name.  I should like to offer one:  Adam.

Leonore:  We are sacramental beings of light and good.  We ascend.

Gargoyle:  He killed Frankenstein’s wife in cold blood, in a fit of passion.
Leonore:  The fact is Adam is alive, and a life is sacred.

Gargoyle:  It’s merely a book.
Leonore:  It’s written proof that God is no longer the sole creator of life.

Creature “Adam”:  Trusting others is a mistake you only make once.

Dr. Wessex/Naberius:  Just because something is yet to be found, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

Dr. Wessex/Naberius:  It’s the first of its kind, Dr. Wade.  Who’s to say how long it would last?

Leonore:  Your life was not granted to you by the grace of God, it was created in a laboratory.  When I first met you, I saw the potential for a soul.  Now I only see darkness.

Creature “Adam”:   I am not human, nor gargoyle, nor demon.  I am like none other.

Demon:  She [Leonore] locked you up.  She despises you.  You are nothing to her but another human mistake.

Gideon:  Leonore is the spiritual leader of the order.  The only direct link to the archangels.  Without her we are nothing but a flock of vigilantes.

Leonore:  God may not have put Adam here, but He did allow him to survive for 220 years over undeniable odds.  …  Who are we to questions God’s decision?

Dr. Wade:  If he survived that birth, what would it take to kill it?

Dr. Wessex/Naberius:  We are all the sons of our fathers, are we not?  Envying our fathers…?

Dr. Wessex/Naberius:  [There are] so many demons in hell, waiting to possess a human body.

Dr. Wessex/Naberius:  A demon spirit can only possess a body with no spirit.

Terra:  You’re as much a part of this world as anybody.
Creature “Adam”:  No, I’m a dozen pieces.  I’m a monster.
Terra:  No, you’re only  a monster if you behave like one.

Creature “Adam”:  I’ve never had to thank a human before.

Terra:  Frankenstein promised to make you a companion, didn’t he?  Is that why you came to me?

Creature “Adam”:  Do you know what that journal means to me?  It’s the chronicle of how I came to be.  Who I am.  What I am.

Leonore:  You are unique.  Rejected by your maker.  You put you emotion above your sacred duty.
Creature “Adam”:  Remember, I have no soul.

Leonore:  God will surely damn you.
Creature “Adam”:  He already did.

Dr. Wessex/Naberius:  I know what you want.  I know what you’ve always wanted.  I will make thousands like you.  You will be the first…and you will no longer be alone.

Creature “Adam”:  I am not your son, and this body is mine.
Dr. Wessex/Naberius:  That’s not possible—you have a soul!

Creature “Adam”:  Why did you save me?
Leonore:  Because you found your higher purpose.

Lenore:  Where’ the journal?
Creature “Adam”:  I don’t need it anymore.

Creature “Adam”:  We do not ask for the lives we are given, but each of us has a right to defend ours.  I am fighting to defend mine.  I, descender of the demon hoard.  I, my father’s son.  I, Frankenstein.