Labor Day – Quotes

Henry:  I don’t think losing my father broke my mother’s heart, but rather losing love itself.

Henry, about his “husband for a day” coupon book:  I was too young to understand the part of “husband for a day” I couldn’t carry out, but even at 12, I could sense my inadequacies.

Henry:  I understood who my real family was.  Her.

Adele:  How do I know you won’t hurt us?
Hank:  I’ve never intentionally hurt anyone.
Adele:  Understand how that can be hard for us to believe.

Adele:  I’m stronger than you think.
Hank:  I don’t doubt that.

Adele:  I won’t let anything happen to my son.
Hank:  He’s in good hands.

Hank (as he binds her to the chair):  It’s about keeping up appearances.

Adele:  There’s another kind of hunger:  hunger for human touch.  Desire.  People never tell you about how it feels.  The longing.

Hank:  I just told the guard if he left I’d jump out the window.  He laughed and went for a smoke.  Nothing misleads people like the truth.

Hank:  We won’t be needing that [the rope] any longer.  If the day comes when you have to say I tied you up, you won’t be lying.

Eleanor:  You know drinking from aluminum gives you Alzheimer’s?  It’s the perfect crime because you can’t remember how you got it.

Eleanor:  How do you feel a bout that?  Moving?  Leaving your friends…  it’s like child abuse.

Eleanor:  When people have sex, it changes their brains.

Eleanor:  Either you get rid of him, or he’s probably going to get rid of you…  It’s easy you know; just tell someone he touched you.

Hank:  There’s going to be border crossings and roadblocks… so if you’re not up to this, you need to let me know you don’t want to do this.

Adele about her miscarriages:  The world became a cruel place.  I stopped going for walks.  I couldn’t even open a window at night.

Adele:  Eventually, when Gerald left, I understood.  I’d become a prisoner.
Hank:  I’m here to save you Adele.  That’s exactly what I’m going to do tomorrow.

Hank:  You’re a find boy, Henry.  Anybody who tells you differently is not worth your time.

Hank:  I’d take 20 more years just to have another 3 days with you.

Gerald:  A better man might have stayed around and helped her through that sadness.  I couldn’t do it.

Adele about a book she read:  All those two had was each other, but that was enough.

Henry:  I spent half of my life worrying mother wouldn’t be able to go out in the world alone.  But as it turned out, she wouldn’t have to.