The Lego Movie – Quotes

Vetruvius:  Your robots are not match for a Master Builder, for I see EVERYthing.

Vetruvius giving the prophecy:  [The one who finds the Piece of Resistence] … will be the greatest, most talented, most interesting, most important person of all times.  And it’s true.  Because it rhymes.

Emmett reading from an instruction manual:  Instructions to Fit In, Have Everybody Like You, and Always be Happy:  Step 1.  Breathe. (Ok Got that one down.)… 3.  Exercise  4.  Shower…. Wear clothes  (Whoops!  Almost forgot that one)… Greet your neighbors….  13.  Enjoy popular music. …Don’t forget to smile….  Always root for the local sports team….  Drink Over priced Coffee.
Coffee Vendor:  That’ll be $37.00.
Emmett:  Awesome!

Emmett:  What do I do?  I don’t have my instructions!

Emmett:  I watch a lot of cop shows on TV.  Isn’t there also supposed to be a good cop?

Coworkers about Emmett:  He just says yes to everything.  He’s sort of a blank slate.

WyldStyle:  Come with me if you wanna not die!

WyldStyle:  You’re the most talented, most interesting, most special person in the universe.

Emmett: Wyldsyle—what?  Like what are you, a DJ?  No?  That’s your name?

Darn, Darn, Darn, Darny Darn.

Wyldstyle:  You’re not special.  You’re note even a Master Builder.  You ruined the prophecy.

Emmett:  Ok.  I got it.  But just in case, tell me again.  I wasn’t listening.

Taco Tuesday!  I knew that was suspicious!

Good Cop/Bad Cop:  We’re trying to locate the fugitive, but his face is so generic we cannot distinguish him from anyone else.

Vitruvius?:  Lord Business makes everything generic and takes away everything that’s special or different.

Polish Remover of Na-Il

Vitruvius:  Of course not, if you keep telling him he can’t.
WyldStyle:  I don’t think he’s ever had an original thought in his life. 
Vitruvius:  If the man upstairs chose him to be the special, there must be a reason.

Vitruvius:  Mater Builders clear their minds for years to make room to hear the Master.  Your mind is so prodigiously empty…

WyldStyle:  We would rather he [Emmett] die than give it [The Piece of Resistance] to you.

Vitruvius:  Step 1—Trust your instincts.  [He sees what Emmett’s instincts produced] …Unless your instincts are terrible.

Batman:  You picked the wrong baby.  Your car is a baby carriage.

Emmett:  We’re about to crash into the sun!
Batman:  Yeah, but it’ll look really cool.

Unikitty:  Here in cuckoo land, there are no rules….No negativity of any kind.  …
WyldStyle:  You just said “no” like a hundred times.
Unikitty:  Also no consistency.

Emmett:  No rules?  How do you know what not to do?

Metal Beard:  Really hard?!  Wiping your butt with a hook is hard!

Emmett: I know what you’re thinking—he’s the least qualified person to lead us, and you’re right. 

Batman:  Um…you are the worst leader I have ever seen.

It’s the orb of Tight-Leist

Batman:  Ya’ll read for this?  Oh no!  They were ready for that.

Superman to Green Lantern:  I super-hate you.

Benny:  Hey!  I’m Benny.  And you can call me Benny and I can build a spaceship!

Vitruvius:  Don’t worry about what the others are doing.  You must embrace what is special about you.

Unikitty:  I feel something inside.  It’s like the OPPOSITE OF HAPPY.

Emmett:  I’m so sorry, Unikitty.  You wanna sit down and talk about it? 
Batman:  What. The Heck.  Is that?

Batman:  This is not how Batman dies.

Superman when he gets imprisoned next to Green Lantern:  Does anyone have some Kryptonite they can give me?

Vitruvius:  This double-decker couch.  I saw all [Lord Business’ men] completely overlook it.  An idea so dumb and pointless that no one would ever think it could possibly be useful.

Emmett:  What does he never expect Master Builders to do? … Follow instructions.  You are so creative…but you don’t work together.

Emmett about Batman:  He’s just as blind as a …guy whose eyes aren’t working.

Metal Beard:  First law of the sea:  Never place your rear end on a pirate’s face. 

WyldStyle:  I wanted it to be me.  I wanted to be the Special…ever since I first heard the prophecy.

Lego person responsible to disable shield, telling computer:  Disable shield!  Disable Shield!  [computer misunderstands]
Metal Beard:  Let me try!  Be ye disabling of yon shield.
Computer:  Ok.  Disabling Shield

Vitruvius:  The prophecy’s not true.  I made it up. 
Emmett:  I’m not special?
Vitruvius:  But what I’m about to tell you will change the course of history.  [He dies.]

 Bring me the Sword of Exact Zero!

Lord Business:  Release the Kragle!

Vitruvius’ Ghost:  The only thing anyone needs to be special is to believe that they’re special.

WyldStyle:  Hey, guess what?  I found your pants.  Series is over.

WyldStyle:  Hey everybody!  You don’t know me, but I am on TV, so you can trust me.

WyldStyle:  All of you have the ability to be a ground breaker.

WyldStyle:  Today will NOT be known as Taco Tuesday, but Freedom Friday!…but still on a Tuesday.

Metal Beard:  Ahhh…there be too many micro-managers.

Vitruvius’ Ghost:  Believe!  I know it sounds like a cat poster, but it’s true. 

Emmett:  I offer my hand.
Lord Business:  You want me to take your hand off?

Son:  It says ages 8-14!
Man Up Stairs:  Those are suggestions.

Man Up Stairs:  We didn’t get a trophy for just showing up.

Man Up Stairs to his son:  If the construction guy said something to President Business, what would he say?
Son:  You don’t have to be the bad guy.  You are the most talented, most interesting, most special guy in the universe.  You are the Special.  And so am I.

Vitruvius’ Ghost:  The prophecy’s made up.  But it’s also true.  You can still change everything.