Winter’s Tale – Quotes

Beverly:  What if once upon a time there were no stars in the sky at all… What if they [stars] aren’t what we think at all?  What if they come from our wings as we turn into angels?

Beverly:  Destiny calls to each of us.

Beverly:  We are all connected, all part of a great and moving plan.

Beverly:  Look closely, for even time and distance are not what they appear to be.

Beverly:  We are all connected.  Everybody carries a miracle inside, and that purpose is promised to one person and one person alone.

Beverly:  Be warned:  as we seek out the light, darkness gathers.

Beverly:  The eternal conquest between light and dark is not fought with great armies, but one life at a time.

Beverly:  You never think you’re as old as you’re going to get.

Beverly:  The fever can make things wonderful.

Beverly:  The sicker I become, the more clearly I can see that everything is connected by light.

Pearly:  People are down and unhappy all over the city.  Miracles are down by half.

Pearly:  What makes these gems so special?  It’s the way they receive the light.

Beverly:  There’s this great dance and we all have our part…  Then we rise up into the sky to become stars.

Peter Lake:  Don’t know who’s the bigger fool—horse who won’t listen to his master, or master who listens to his horse?

Beverly:  What are you doing here?
Peter Lake:  Robbin’ the place.
Beverly:  Is that still your intention?
Peter Lake:  No.  No it isn’t.
Beverly:  Well then, I guess the polite thing to do would be to offer you a cup of tea.
Peter Lake?  Did you miss the part where I came here to rob you?… You should be scared.
Beverly:  Well, I’m not.
Peter Lake:  Yeah, I can see that.

Humpstone John:  Inside of each of us is a miracle meant for one person and one person alone.  …When we get close, we have spirit guides [to help us].

Humpstone John:  Chaos has agents, too.
Peter Lake:  Like angels and demons?

Pearly:  Peter Lake had ideas—how to steal a broach without spilling blood, how to steal a ring without taking a finger.  …In my line, it’s the ripples that give the meaning.  Ideas—they can do harm.

Beverly:  Nothing happens here that isn’t supposed to.

Peter Lake:  I was an orphan.  Orphans don’t have vanity.  I don’t know why, but it seems you need parents for that.

Peter Lake:  Is it possible to love someone so completely that they can’t die?
Isaac Penn:  No.
Peter Lake:  But I’m a thief, as you’ve so keenly observed—can’t I steal a life?

Lucifer:  You understand—a man’s destiny is often not what it seems.

Pearly to a former angel:  Was it worth it?  Becoming human?  Or was it an impulse buy?  You must miss the wings.

Pearly:  Quit me?  You don’t quit me, boy.

Pearly:  Maybe God is just as blood thirsty as the rest of us.  Maybe he just likes a good fight.

Beverly:  When true love is lost, life can bleed from meaning.  We are left blank. But our destiny remains.  What we are meant for may yet be discovered.

Abby:  Everybody knows their name!
Peter Lake:  Not me.
Abby:  You’re silly.  Even the stars have names.

Willa:  He loved my sister terribly.  She was like a bright light.

Lucifer:  You were so fixated on stopping him, you missed her entirely.  He was her miracle.

Pearly:  No matter how many we turn dark, they pass hope back and forth like a flue at the fair.

Peter Lake:  I’m just a mechanic, but what are we but machines?  Machines that need a little help to run.

Peter Lake:  Why do we love at all if not to save?

Beverly as Narrator:  Why would so many things conspire to save one little girl’s life? What if it wasn’t just Abby?  What if we are all unique and what if the universe loves us all equally and it bends over backwards to help us all and we are just lucky enough once in a while to see it?

Beverly as Narrator:  Nothing has been without purpose.  Nothing.

Beverly as Narrator:  What if we are a part of a greater pattern that we are incapable of knowing?  What if when we are done with our purpose we get to rise up and be with those we love?  What if we get to become stars?