Finding A Great Christian Speaker, Part 2

 What kind of speaker do you want?

The second thing to do when trying to find a Christian speaker is to decide what you’re looking for.  Most Christian speakers fall into two broad categories:  equipping and inspiring.  Christian speakers who fit into the “inspiring” category will generally be fun and encouraging to listen to, but relatively short on biblical content.  Christian speakers who fit into the “equipping” category will generally have more in-depth teaching from the Bible.  Of course, there’s no reason why a Christian speaker can’t both equip and inspire audiences, but the unfortunate truth is that this combination of gifts is rare.  They’re out there, but they’re not common…and they’re not necessarily cheap.

 As with so many things in life, you may have to strike a balance.  When it comes to booking a Christian speaker, you will often juggle three things:  ability to engage, ability to equip and cost.  You can get someone who isn’t very engaging but is a solid teacher for relatively little money.  You can also get someone who is engaging but relatively shallow without spending much.  To get someone who is able to engage audiences and then give them life-changing teaching, you’re going to have to pay a professional-level fee (though this shouldn’t be a burden; see above).