Interview with Kimberly Powers, author of Escaping the Vampire

Interview with Kimberly Powers, author of Escaping the Vampire


Could you give us a brief synopsis of your book?

Escaping the Vampire–  At the core of every young woman’s heart is a longing to be truly, madly, deeply loved.  EtV draws on themes presented in the popular series– romance, superhuman powers, mystery and adventure–to offer girls a real Immortal Hero who sacrificially loves, fiercely protects and never abandons.  Weaving discussion of the Twilight phenomenon, Biblical truths and real-life stories, EtV makes a compelling presentation of Christ as the true escape from sin’s life-sucking traps and the only fulfillment of the heart’s deepest desires.

EtV is helping countless young women navigate the intersection of popular culture and spiritual growth, providing answers to their own personal questions and better equipping them to engage their peers in meaningful discussion.

What motivated you to write it?

I saw the response of teens to this phenomenon.  I would say the name “Edward Cullen” in a room of girls and they would go crazy!  They were asking me “Where is my Edward?…Is this guy for real somewhere?”  Our conversations were filled with their own thoughts not only of Edward but of also of themselves.  They were irresistibly swept up in this adventure of the Twilight Saga on screen (and book series)…so very desperately wanting to experience such a story themselves. What an awesome opportunity  to respond! 🙂

Why are teen girls(and women of all ages) so interested in this series (and others like it)?

I have seen for years this desperate longing that girls (and women)experience…this longing for a true immortal hero who can rescue them from their uneventful lives and provide an eternal love.  What an opportunity to come alongside them, talking about their thoughts.  This is an opportunity to see a bit more of what’s going on inside.  This has given an even bigger opportunity to share with them about the Ultimate Hero, Jesus Christ ,and share of His ultimate story of unconditional, eternal love.  Their true Hero never leaves and He offers them sacrifice of HIS life to save THEM.  Stories of an imperfect hero can leave them empty and searching inside.  In Christ, they have a fiercely protective Hero who faithfully loves and provides rescue!  (Everything they have been searching for and so much more! )

How can Christians use the interest in the Twilight  series to turn conversations to more substantive spiritual issues?

As I wrote the book, my ultimate goal was to introduce girls to relationship with Jesus.  If they could just catch a glimpse of who He really is…of His love.  There is NO comparison to this love.  I think for many who don’t have a close, intimate relationship with Christ, this is a perfect opportunity to offer the Truth.

Observing the character,Bella, I can see how girls have related to her insecurities, her struggles and her desire for love and acceptance.  This has opened the door for discussions about their lives.  This beloved story and characters can be a perfect backdrop for sharing the true Epic story of rescue and salvation.

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