Wolverine – Quotes


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Wolverine:  Go ahead and ask me where I found it.
Ok – where did you get it?
Wolverine:  Well, I’m glad you asked.

Wolverine:  I’m not going to Japan.
Yukio:  It would be an insult to refuse his request.

Yukio:  You’re a soldier and you seek what all soldiers do… an honorable death an end to your pain.
Wolverine:  Who says I’m in pain?
Yukio:  A man who has nightmares every day of his life is in pain.

Mariko:  Who is the cave man?

Yukio:  Mr. Yoshida is traditional.  One eye on the past and one on the future.

Yukio to Wolverine:  Think of me as your bodyguard.

Yukio:  You like nice!
Wolverine:   I feel violated.

Yoshida:  Eternity can be a curse.  A man can run out of things to live for, become a Ronin—a Samurai without a master.

Wolverine to Yoshida:  Look, nice to see you again. Sorry you got sick.

Wolverine to Mariko:  You can’t pretend s*** isn’t happening when it is, Princess.  Unless you wanna die, in which case you planned this perfectly.

Mariko:  There are no rooms next to each other.  She’s asking if you prefer…  dungeon, nurses, commission to mars…?

Wolverine:  Is he a doctor?
Mariko:  Yes, in a manner of speaking.  He’s a veterinarian…student.

Mariko:  You may have cut him once or twice while he was fixing you.

Nothing’s without meaning.

Mariko:  To disobey my father would be to dishonor him.  I do not expect you to understand.  You’re not Japanese.

What happens here is proof that everything in the world finds peace eventually.

Really?  You’re going to try to talk tough standing there in your underwear?

Yukio:  How did you know there was a swimming pool down there?
Wolverine:  I didn’t.

Kenuichio Harada:  The black clan has protected the clan of Yoshida for 700 years.
Wolverine:  Is that all the men you brought?